Food and Liquor hits the shelves

At the age of 24, Lupe Fiasco is prepared to take the final step toward superstardom. The Sept. 19 release of his debut album, Food and Liquor, solidified his place among the rapping elite. Although his name is not yet well known across the country, Lupe has already experienced a great deal of success. He was featured in the popular single “Touch the Sky” with Kanye West that was released in early 2006. Lupe has since ridden the wave of hype generated by his pre-release single “Kick Push.” Over the last few months, he has been featured on the cover of The Fader Magazine, Billboard Magazine, and was the headline performer at the 2006 MLS All-Star game in Chicago. Earlier this year, Reebok signed Lupe, Mike Jones, and Lil’ Wayne as part of the shoe company’s “I Am What I Am” campaign. The ideology behind the campaign is what has made Lupe a legend in his hometown of Chicago. His feature single, “Kick Push,” captures his passion for skateboarding, a sport not generally associated with rappers. Lupe has also established a distinct “geek” image, complete with glasses and an array of colorful outfits. “I really appreciate his honesty about who he is,” junior Pasha Beresnev said. “Being different from everyone else isn’t easy in the music business, but he has kept his image, and I respect that.” Lupe’s unique personality and rapping style promise to make Food and Liquor go down smooth.