Staff siblings? Just kidding.: Actually we’re not. It seems like some people really do have siblings.

The WEB staff interviewed the five WEB staff members that also have younger brothers or sister in the high school. Judging by the interview, it is obvious that each older sibling has a different relation with his or her younger kin. Overlooking the older siblings, the younger siblings also have their side of the story to share. Spencer Arritt… • Political…enough said • Gives Kevin an A for Arbitrary. Although he can’t compare him to any other siblings (due the lack of another sibling), Spencer sees him as a good brother • Says if he were Mr. Johnson, Spencer would surely let Kevin onto The WEB; he might just get the record amount of articles in the National Edition • Wants to give a shout out to Kevin: “Make sure to say hi to Kevin in the halls. Then he can tell me that somebody I know said hello to him in the halls, and we can spend the next 10 minutes trying to figure out who it was,” he said. Kevin Arritt… • Loves classic rock • Thinks Mr. Johnson is a great guy • Admires his brother’s articles and doesn’t like when people say they suck • Enjoys AP US History because Mr. Mooney is also a great guy. • Overall, Kevin is just a nice, teacher-appreciative student Mukund Premkumar… • Feels he is not a good role model for his younger brother Deepak. When questioned, he refused to comment • Doesn’t know what goes on in Mr. Johnson’s mind…he believes few do • Shows his Asian pride in the Asian Club • Is an Honorary Band President •Is Indian Deepak Premkumar… • Will join The WEB to keep the tradition going, and to have Mr. Johnson as his teacher • Is much more knowledgeable and is better than Mukund at Fantasy Football • Is pressured by Mukund to go to a prestigious college • Is Indian, too Sam Hackerson… • Keeps her nose clean… • Can wear Ross’s clothes • Thinks Ross is gangly • Would be scared for her sanity if Ross were let onto The WEB • Has a twin sister, Meghan Ross Hackerson… • Believes Sam is the pretty much the reincarnation of Mother Theresa • Likes to eat Sam’s Mexican food • Says Sam is a single, strong, independent woman trying to make it in this crazy, mixed up world Sam Bird… • Gets “owned” by his brother at Halo • Never gets in trouble (keep up the good work, Sam) • Gives Leo props for being extremely funny when he least expects it • Is an amazing cross county runner Leo Bird… • Yells at Sam, hits Sam, or sticks his head out the window when Sam plays his music in the car • Enjoys Drawing 1 • Is trying to fill Sam’s footsteps in cross country? Benny Nelson… • Only gives Jess a B+ because of his obsession with Natasha Beddingfield • Does his best to be a good role model • Likes his mom’s meatloaf • Is not afraid to put Jess in his place Jess Nelson… • Is the source of original ideas • Has a unique writing style • Has his quirks, such as always needing to sing the Candian National Anthem when showering