Student Council plans for a “wonderful and exciting year”

The student voice and governing body, better know as the student council, is active in organizing and running many events each school year. The student council co-presidents are seniors Ben Ruppert and Ethan Forsgren. This year’s plans include Winter Madness and fundraisers for MICA. Winter Madness involves a week full of activities in which all of the proceeds collected go to charity. Some of these activities will be the usual concert, as well as the usual change drive. For the first time, last year’s student council had a fundraiser where they sold candy canes also. There were two other customs started last year. The first new custom is the Battle of the Brains. Although teacher Jeff Dilks is currently in Washington, student council hopes to continue this tradition. The second new custom is dressing up a teacher in an embarrassing costume for a day by having students vote with money on what teacher it should be. Last year, Dilks was talked into wearing a bunny suit, but with Dilks gone, other teachers will have to step in. “Mr. Walter would make an excellent care bear, senior Yoni Ackerman said. Other possible activities include a movie in the auditorium and a skate night. However, all of these ideas are only in the preliminary stages. The week of winter madness does not have a certain date yet, but it is planned for a few weeks before winter break. The money raised during the week is used to buy gifts for five different underprivileged families in Ames. In addition to Winter Madness plans, student council will hold an event called as Bolderdash. Bolderdash is a fundraiser where students can have people sponsor them to run. The money will then be used, first of all, to buy a boulder for teams and clubs to write on. “I think it is a great idea that will allow students to express themselves,” co-president senior Ben Ruppert said. Bolderdash will probably take place during the spring semester. The most pressing issues for student council are not just fun and rocks. They are hoping to make substantial improvements to the courtyard, including landscaping, and possibly a water fountain. The boulder from Bolderdash will probably go in the courtyard. Additional bike racks are on the schedule as well. The bike racks would be spread out in front of the school. Student council is planning a t-shirt fundraiser. This fundraiser will go toward buying new books for the high school and for schools in Africa. For many years, student council has provided many improvements for current and future classes. Judging by the schedule set up so far, this year will be no exception. “I think we are in for a wonderful and exiting year,” co-president senior Ethan Forsgren said.