An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Now that the holiday season is fully underway, it is easy to get caught up with family and friends, push aside normal eating habits, and indulge in the holiday spirit. However, this can cause regrets post-celebration. Keeping a healthy diet is essential during the holiday season. Following these rules will help keep you healthy and your stomach happy. The majority of Ames High students and staff are not overweight; hence these are merely guidelines to remaining healthy and happy. The first thing to know is what healthy eating is. The Food Guide Pyramid doesn’t say to restrain from fats or sweets. It says to eat a limited amount of them, while eating a healthy balance of grains, meats, vegetables, dairy, and fruits and exercising properly. However, because each person metabolizes differently and exercises different amounts, has a short quiz to find out what the how much of each food group you should eat a week. Going to holiday gatherings is one of the easiest places to forget about eating healthy, however, try to keep the Food Guide Pyramid in mind. If you are at a party that has a buffet, while selecting your meal, remember that the most important thing is to eat food from all the groups. Also, eating a light snack before going to the party will help control the urge to eat lots of sweets. This is better than eating nothing all day, and then eating at the big event. For one, it is important that you eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but many people who try fasting cave in and overeat. Secondly, the drink selection around the holidays always includes sugar filled juices and pop. Instead of these, drink beverages that have nutritional value. If you’re not sure what your host will serve, offer to bring a healthy beverage. If nothing else, the host will most likely always have milk, and of course, water. Using the feeling of regret of being unhealthy during the holiday break will motivate you to stay healthy beforehand. Remember, you are allowed eat those tasty treats, as long as you remember the Food Guide Pyramid. With the New Year coming up, make an early new year’s resolution to stay healthy and eat right.