Intramural Bowling

Once a year, in every homeroom, students receive a piece of paper that gives information about an upcoming bowling league. Many brush it aside without a second glance. Other’s eyes linger for a moment longer as they admit to themselves that bowling can be quite fun. But, they quickly lose interest when they realize the amount of time it would take to convince friends to join a team. Finally, there are an elite few who take a look at this league announcement and dare to dream that they, indeed, could become an Ames High I-Bowler. This is the story of the courageous few who have ventured into the world of competitive bowling. Before The WEB staff arrived at the 20th Century bowling alley to check out exactly what this intramural bowling league was all about, we didn’t have any idea what to expect. When we walked inside, there was so few people there, we were not immediately sure that we had come to the right place. There were about four lanes total being used by Ames High students. When asked why there were so few participants, sophomore Daman Ardoin said, “Bowling is kind of like golf, people don’t think of it as a sport.” “There was a lot more people my freshman year,” senior Sarah Linahon added. “The place was full.” Although there are not very many people in I-Bowling, all the people that are have one important thing in common–their love for bowling. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have had in bowling or how good you are, every level of bowler is represented in this bowling league. “It’s all good because no one cares if you suck,” freshman Anna Kasper said. “We are just trying to get her better,” Linahon said, as she motioned to fellow teammate senior Jacqueline Clark. “We are trying to get her to a hundred.” “I got a 36 last game,” Clark admitted. There are many reasons why these students decided to do I-Bowling. Some for the competition. “I wanted a challenge,” sophomore Alex Ortiz said. Others use I-Bowling as a break from their busy every day lives, “It’s relaxing and a good stress reliever,” Regan Davis said. And finally a few, like Kasper, just joined because “it’s way cooler that I-ball.” Whether you are a well seasoned bowler or have never hit a strike ever in your life, you are sure to have a good time in this I-Bowling league. So next year when that piece of paper announcing the upcoming I-Bowling league is handed to you in homeroom, actually look at it and don’t be afraid to give it a try.