Men always win at Sport Clips: Junior Ross Hackerson and The WEB visit Ames’ newest hair salon

Below the plasma television, a collection of Sports Illustrated, Field and Stream, and Golf Digest lay across a shelf. Above, Sylvester Stallone touts his newest Rocky film in high-definition as part of ESPN’s Monday Night Football coverage. This may seem like the den of a typical American sport fan, but in fact, this is the waiting room for Sport Clips, Ames’ newest hair salon. Part of a national franchise, Sport Clips opened this year on South Duff. Their mission statement: To create a Championship Haircut Experience for men and boys in an Exciting Sports Environment. Just by walking in the front door, it is easy to see that Sport Clips has everything covered from the sports aspect. The plasma television provides a focal point for the waiting area. “It was nice to have something to watch when you first got in,” junior Ross Hackerson said. Hackerson agreed to bring The WEB along for his first trip to Sport Clips. Other than the plasma TV, the waiting room also features bleacher-style seats and a stand of sports items for sale. Banners and plaques saluting regional sports teams such as the Iowa State Cyclones, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Cubs are scattered throughout the store. The sports experience does not decline in the haircutting area itself. “It’s like a locker room,” Hackerson said. Indeed, the lockers lining the perimeter of the room create an atmosphere similar to that of a pre-game locker room, full of anticipation and excitement. Televisions positioned at each hair cutting station insure that sports continue to be the forefront of the Sport Clips experience, even when the barber talk does not. “The T.V. sets make up for the lack of sport conversation, and make the cut seem faster,” Hackerson said. Even in the steam/wash room, tucked in the back of the store, sports are prevalent. Inspirational quotes from legends Yogi Berra and Vince Lombardi are posted on the walls, helping customers feel better after a loss (of hair). “The quotes really helped to rejuvenate me. Not only was I going out with a fresh new haircut, but a fresh new outlook on life,” Hackerson said. The appeal of Sport Clips lies in that it offers an alternative to conventional hair salons. Best of all, an All Star haircut comes at a reasonable rate; Hackerson’s haircut cost just sixteen dollars. So is Sport Clips the real deal? “I’d say so,” Hackerson said. “They made me feel like a winner.”