Shotgun! No Joust!

Long ago, when Neanderthals walked the earth and the human species didn’t exist as it does today, disputes were handled through brute force. However, as we evolved and society progressed, brutality became a thing of the past, and quick minds and cleverness prevailed. Our society is one that must solve problems through communication and logic. When someone desires to sit in the front seat of a car and says so, he should be able to have it. However, if someone else is quick to challenge this first person, does he not also deserve a chance at “shotgun?” This is where jousting comes into play. Jousting has been passed down and has slowly changed over time since the Middle Ages; it is a renowned sport just like cheerleading, curling, and competitive checkers. Although its popularity has thankfully waned (there is a lot less, “Dude, lick this off the table; no joust.”), jousting for things like the front seat is still wholly necessary. Without it, we would descend into chaos and anarchy and that’s when the terrorists win. Therefore, anyone who does not respect a “no joust” does not deserve to be respected themselves and should be shunned. This doesn’t even have to do with the fact that I’m really good at jousting, although I am. People who oppose jousting are usually those who are terrible at it. These people are often so slow-witted that they often can’t even comprehend their obvious deficiencies in this subject. Lastly, jousting serves a function of giving meaning to small, everyday competitions. You’re not a nihilist are you?