Sweet dude, you're cool

I hate it when people, especially that loser Robert Wanzek, say “no joust” and dance around me like they just won tickets to see Jim Jones perform his hit single, “We Fly High,” in person. Congratulations Robert, you have just won the right to sit in the passenger seat. I didn’t know you were still in elementary school, thinking that you are a badass for sitting in the front seat even though your mom told you not to. But I guess you do think like a third-grader, Robert. Robert, have you ever thought about how dumb the concept of jousting for things is? Its origin came from medieval times when two knights on horseback attempted to knock each other off with lances. Back then, the winner of match would get honor and fortune through hard work as shown in the popular film A Knight’s Tale featuring Heath Ledger. Now jousting has become a sport for the lazy and immature. Instead of the last pizza being awarded to the person who gets up and walks across the room to eat it, it is awarded to whoever screams “mine, no joust” first. The problem with this system is that it rewards those who are lazy and takes away from those who are hardworking. Sounds a little bit like Communism, doesn’t it? Robert, don’t tell me you’re a communist. Perhaps jousting has become a sad reflection of our society, in which yelling has become more valuable than giving 110%. As for me, I’m far too chill to care about who sits in the front seat or who gets the last pizza. Dude, like, I don’t even care man. I’m so above it all. I don’t get riled up about anything. Like you have no idea how chill I am. As long as there is chill music playing, nothing matters. This last paragraph doesn’t have much to do with why jousting sucks, but I felt that I should add it.