The Super Bowl’s back? Whatev.

The Super Bowl, it’s kind of a big deal, a really big deal. People from around the country gather together in hopes of being entertained by a bunch of guys tackling each other. So, predicting these games must be a pretty big deal as well, which is what I’m going to do now. The Bears vs. the Colts, Chicago vs. Indianapolis, whichever way you say it, the Chicago Bears are playing the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl and it’s going to be a pretty exciting game. First let’s compare the offenses. The Colts’ offense is known for its power, with its Pro Bowl players Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne. The Bears are known for their powerhouse running game, with Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson, and their inconsistent, but awesome nonetheless, quarterback Rex Grossman. If one was to compare these offenses, like I will do right now, one would say that the Colts have the upper hand on offense, but if the Bears are able to make little to no mistakes on offense, then they have a good chance for victory. Next we will compare the defenses. The Colts’ defense was one of the worst running defenses in the league and with the Bears’ powerful running game; the Colts may have some trouble. The Bears, whose defense was the best in the league for most of the year (one could say that their defense was un-BEAR-ably good), has struggled ever since the loss of two of their best players, (Mike Brown and Tommie Harris). Overall, the Bears have a better defense than the Colts, and will try their best to contain one of the best air attacks in the league. So, both teams have their own advantages and disadvantages, which means that this game will be pretty even. So, basically the only way to decide which team will win this match-up is to see who would win in a fight between a bear and a colt. If a bear was put into a ring with a colt, one on one, who would win? Colts don’t really have hands to use, so they would have trouble attacking the bear. The bear has paws, with claws, really long, sharp claws, that could scratch diamond (theoretically). So if the bear were able to trap the colt in a corner, then the bear would be able to take care of the colt pretty easily. Bears win 31-24.