AHS changes?

Students of Ames High School might face a series of changes next year. Nothing has been set in stone because the School Board has yet to address a series of proposals that deal with multiple classes around the high school. One of these proposals modifies the Physical Education program. “We’re looking at making a shift to a more personalized fitness program,” Ames High Principal Michael McGrory said. “This would involve setting personal goals and working toward them.” If the proposal is accepted, P.E. classes will meet more often and possibly give out letter grades to students. Whether or not this change will take place is still largely dependant on the addition of more staff in the Physical Education department. “We should know by the end of February,” McGrory said. Another possible change addresses graduation requirements. Recently, the state of Iowa decided high school students should have to take three years of math and science instead of two. “We’re looking at raising the amount of credits needed to graduate as a result of this,” McGrory said. “This would only affect next year’s incoming ninth graders.” In addition, two new classes will be offered at the A.P. level starting next year. Classes that will change are currently called Honors Chemistry and Honors American Literature. They will change into A.P. Chemistry and A.P. English Language and Composition. “We have come a long way in terms of A.P. classes,” McGrory said. “We started out with two; this year we have nine.” These are among the topics being debated by the school officials. If instituted, the changes will be seen beginning during the 2007-2008 school year.