Don’t get stuck with the “sticky bathroom”

When you walk into the boys’ bathroom tucked into a dark corner near the auditorium, you can’t help but notice the yellow glow from the fluorescent light bulbs, the uneven floor, and the scratched up walls on the lone stall. “That bathroom should be shutdown,” junior Jordan Bergman said. “Not many people know about it, and weird stuff goes on in there.” Bergman has a point. The bathroom is not well known, partly due to the door not being very visible, no sign indicating the room’s use, and its located in a low traffic area. Most students mainly seem to be disturbed by the activities that may take place in this bathroom. “That is a bad bathroom,” senior Travis Heithoff said. “Every time I walk by it, it smells like drugs.” Another major complaint about the bathroom are the sticky floors, which has caused the bathroom to be nicknamed “the sticky bathroom.” “The floors are terrible in there,” junior Steven Bunting said. “Not only are they uneven, but they are very sticky. When you hear your shoe peel up off the floor, it’s really quite unpleasant.” Despite all of these downsides, there is one upside to this bathroom; it is private. Not many people know about it, or notice it. When you go there, you don’t have to worry about waiting your turn, and you don’t have to feel rushed by others. “It’s not a great bathroom, but you don’t have to wait, so that’s ok I guess,” freshman Roman Sailsbury said. So next time you have to go to the bathroom, and want skip the neglected bathroom in that dark corner and go to the next closest one, remember one thing: that bathroom isn’t all bad.