Last performance for Drill Team

Looking for one last chance to see Ames High’s wonderfully talented, award winning Drill Team? Then come to the Drill Team’s Spring Show, Feb. 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the gym. “The Spring Show is our last chance to show the people of Ames what we’ve worked so hard on,” Drill Team Coach Sarah Buss said. “Our many hours of practice will hopefully be obvious and we will try and put on a great show for our fantastic fans.” The Ames High Drill Team consists of the Gold Squad, the Silver Squad, and the All-Male Squad, who have been practicing for months to perfect their difficult routines. “I’m really excited for the Spring Show,” sophomore Natalie Enloe said. “It’s our last performance of the year, which hopefully means it will be our best.” Throughout the year, the Ames High Drill Team has performed during halftime of basketball games and at other various events. They also participated in the State Drill Team competition Dec. 1. All of the squads did well (the All-Male squad even placed 2nd in their division), but it was not until the Regional competition that the teams really showed what they are capable of. The Gold and Silver Squads won every possible honor that they could have received and consistently placed in the top of their division. All of these competitions and performances have prepared the Drill Team for one last event, the Spring Show. What makes the Spring Show different from their previous performances is that not only do all of the squads perform their routines, but they also teach routines to children to perform with them at the Spring Show. During the day of the Spring Show, all children are invited to come and participate in the event. In the morning, the Drill Team breaks off into groups and teaches a certain age group of children a nature-themed routine that they created. The kids show off the routines that they learned later that night in the Spring Show. “My favorite part about the Spring Show would have to be teaching kids a routine that we made,” sophomore Christi Ling said. “Even though it may be tough to keep them focused, it is extremely rewarding to see them perform later that night in the Spring Show.” The Spring Show lasts a few hours and includes every routine that the Drill Team has learned throughout the year, as well as some new routines. At the end of the Spring Show, the seniors in Drill Team are recognized. “I’m expecting the Spring Show to be sky high with enjoyment,” sophomore Melissa Huisman said. “I can’t wait to show the city of Ames what the Ames High Drill Team is all about.”