The fountains of youth… and water

Without access to water during class, AHS students and staff need to be efficient with each precious drink between periods. Here are some tips on where to find the most satisfying drinking fountains. Elkay: Elkays feature good water pressure and temperature, two of the most important aspects of a fountain. Fortunately, these fountains are placed in prime locations around the school, such as in the cafeteria. They are distinguished by their sleek design and grey coloring that contrasts with the more common white drinking fountains. The only flaw this series has is its Flexi-guard model, which often has water that is too cold (ex: back lobby, media center, and back science hall). Advice: When in the cafeteria, choose the shorter of the two fountains. “Great Whites”: This series is produced by Halsey Taylor, a branch of the Elkay company. The Great Whites are the most common fountains in the school and can be found in nearly every hallway of the main level. But just as Great White Sharks should be avoided, so too should the Great White fountains. These fountains generally lack good water pressure, appearance, or quality of water. The Great Whites come in both knob and button styles, but hopefully you will avoid these fountains and never have to choose between the two. Advice: Avoid when possible. Halsey Taylor: Although these models look more like the grey Elkays, they are actually made by the same branch that came out with the Great Whites. This, however, should not scare you from trying these newer models. There are only two of this variety in the school, one in the old cafeteria and the other outside of the concert band room. While those locations may be out of the way for the average student, these may be two of the best fountains in the school. Advice: Take the time to try each of these fountains at least once. “Nameless Breed” : These unlabeled fountains probably have no name because their creators figured no one would ever come across them. They are located in the art hallway and outside both the auditorium and the orchestra room, out of the way for most. There is nothing special about the fountains of nameless breed, but they will do if you come across them. Advice: These fountains aren’t looking for you, so don’t bother looking for them. Sunroc: There is only one Sunroc fountain at AHS, and it is the worst fountain at AHS. It can be found in the old cafeteria, but I would not go looking for it. The water pressure is so low that it could not replace the sweat lost in trying to force water out of the fountain. Advice: Walk across the cafeteria and use the Halsey Taylor.