Cirque Du Soleil is a delirious delight for fans

Due to severe winter weather, the much-anticipated Cirque Du Soleil Delirium show was postponed from February to March 10 at Hilton Coliseum. The lucky attendees watched a show packed with flawless musical entertainment, acrobatics and even comedic characters. The traveling group of professional performers has made its mark both nationally and internationally. They have done this by their awe-striking acrobatic shows, which include trampolines, tight wire walkers and just pure displays of strength. All proved to be very impressive elements. Delirium is a different show compared to the ordinary Cirque line-ups. Tickets were sold under the category of a music concert, not of an acrobatic show. Due to this, it was structured by live vocals to background of the acrobats. Though this was a bit unexpected, the individuals responsible for the impeccable vocals only added to the effect. The show is structured around the idea of a man having a dream, and the audience gets to see his delusional adventures as he floats off in his balloon. That seemed like an odd approach at first, but adds comedic effect at times. This was especially noticeable when he couldn’t open an unnaturally large door, and became hysterical when his incoherent friend on stilts attempted to get past the door. In his adventures, he comes across many beautiful, mystical characters (including the bumbling stilt-man). All of the characters of the show came together to make a very talented group. There were many highlights that stood out in the show. Near the start was a male acrobat who performed on a large, white platform. On the platform stood no more than two rods with surfaces on top that seemed to be the size of dinner plates. On these surfaces he would raise himself up with one arm to the extent that he was doing a one-armed hand stand. He would bend and spin his upside down body with much control and ease. One wonders how the human body was capable of so much strength after his display. Among other highlights included a woman with several hula-hoops. She could control many parts of her body simultaneously, allowing her to have several hula-hoops on her body at once. Her flexibility proved to be no handicap as she continued to swirl the hoops, her leg remaining rested against her head. Again, this left the audience in shock and awe of such talent. One of the most impressive displays was found near the end of the show. Four clean-shaven, clearly strong men rounded off the highlights for the night. Together the four performed body defying moves that seemed almost impossible. At times, one of the men would be doing a hand stand on another man’s head while both were being held up by the other two men. Even more impressive was the upheaval of one of the men from a one person push off base, body twisting mid air, and perfect landing on two sets of hands. The landings stuck so well that one would begin to wonder why Olympic gymnasts have such a problem doing the same. The show was brought to a premature end that left the audience wishing there was more. Still, it didn’t stop the packed audience in Hilton from rising to a standing ovation. There was so much talent on the stage-talent well worth the delay.