Dancing it out in All-Male Drill Team

Felix Owusu, or more commonly known as Fowusu, has made a lasting impression on Ames High. He has not touched our hearts by being the star quarterback in football, or the lead role in the musical, but as a member of the All-Male Drill Team. Owusu has astonished us all with his slick dance moves, commitment to the team, and choreographing abilities. Owusu’s discovery of being an amazing dancer came about by pure fate. It was one Tuesday afternoon when senior Keith Davis approached Owusu. “I joined because Keith promised me that he would give me six dollars and three band candy bars,” Owusu said. Although Davis never held his end of the bet, Owusu’s promise to join Drill Team gave him so much more. “I’ve become a lot less self conscious since joining Drill Team,” Owusu said, “I’ve also improved a lot on my double turns and toe touches.” Besides what many consider his biggest set back, failing to complete his double turn during the Drill Team State Competition in 2007, Owusu has kept a respectable and admirable status on the team. “After joining drill team, I can do a kip-up and an axel better than any other non-Keith person on Drill Team,” Owusu said. Some of Owusu’s favorite memories have originated from the all-male team he calls family. “One time, the girl’s team was asked to give us four eight counts of music to keep us busy,” Owusu said. “I also really enjoyed making up our own dance with [senior] Rohan Agarwal and ‘Gilbert’ (also known as Rob Tebben.)” As far as Owusu’s future plans for dancing, he wants to continue in college. “I hope to join some sort of hip hop club when I go to college,” Owusu said. “I enjoy making and learning routines.” One might wonder where Owusu has gotten all his talent in choreography and technique. “I have gotten a lot of practice when we get asked to make up eight counts on the spot,” Owusu said. Not only has All-Male Drill Team helped Owusu improve his dance technique, but also he has learned lessons and made friends that will last a lifetime. “Without drill team, I would have never met [junior] Brian Pastiak,” Owusu said. During one drill team practice, Owusu suddenly had a self-discovery. “I have found through Drill Team that sometimes you have to take care of things yourself, and learn how to deal with annoying people. I should do what I want regardless of what people think,” Owusu said. So, next time you see an amazing male dancer, just know that Owusu is better than him in both dancing and life.