Dennis KuoBravely leading the boys’ tennis team into new era

There is something undeniably different about the Ames High boys’ tennis team this year. Perhaps it’s the departure of near-State champion Peter Bracha. Or the departure of six quality varsity players and senior Krishna Prabhu. While these factors are valid reasons for the different atmosphere surrounding the boys’ tennis team this year, none of them quite hit the spot. It is the arrival of senior Dennis Kuo that has made the biggest difference. After being cut from the team the previous two years, he made a bold move and banked his hopes of graduating on making the team by taking a P.E. exemption. “I figured that we only live once and I decided I didn’t want to waste it taking P.E.,” Kuo said, “You don’t even want to know what I did during my two extra free periods a week.” It is that brave and daring attitude that Kuo has brought to the tennis team, which it was lacking in years past. “He really has brought a no-nonsense attitude to the tennis team and changed the status Kuo,” junior Steven Bonnett said. ”Whenever I start to get tired and slack off, I think of Kuo and the ideals he stands for. That usually inspires me to give it my all.” With Kuo leading the JV tennis team, there is no limit to the potential that this team has. “When I think of Kuo, the first thing that comes to mind is his leadership,” sophomore varsity player Miles Greenwald said. Ames High has traditionally had an elite JV team; just two years ago they nearly went undefeated. With the addition of Kuo, an undefeated season is not out of the kuouestion. In addition to the new attitude Kuo has instilled in the tennis team, he has also taught his fellow teammates important life lessons. “He’s taught us all that hard work and determination are truly more important than talent or skill, for that matter,” senior Rohan Agarwal said. Kuo’s hard work extends far beyond the regular practice hours. “He’s asked me to hit around with him after practice quite a few times,” tennis savant and junior Jared Bielenberg said. “I always say no, but that doesn’t stop him.” With anticipation building for the season, both players and fans are excited for the season. “I can’t wait to see Kuo in the new Under Armor uniforms,” superfan and senior Memjay Kang said. “He’s going to look so ripped.” Along with this new season brings a chance for fans to come out and support the tennis team and Kuo. With the first meet Monday, April 9, against hated rivals from SE Polk, we urge all of you to witness the power of Kuo.