Felix has plans for the future? Who knew.

As the end of high school nears for senior Felix Owusu, he’s had to focus on his prospective dreams and aspirations. Owusu, a talented 17-year-old, is currently unsure of what exactly his future will entail. However, he feels comfortable with the many options and opportunities open to him. Owusu has been accepted into seven of the eight colleges to which he applied. The remaining college has yet to respond. Although his plans have not been finalized, Owusu is seriously considering attending Carleton College in Northfield, Minn. “They hooked me up fat with financial aid,” Owusu said. “Also, Emily Kawaler went there and she got a 36 on her ACT.” Owusu is also thinking about attending Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., as well. “My parents were really excited that I got into Williams,” he said. According to U.S. News’ 2007 college rankings, Williams is ranked the number one liberal arts college in the nation. “That’d be great to tell people when I’m trying to get a job,” Owusu said. At college, Owusu will major in either Biology or Economics. “They’re both very interesting subjects,” he said. “Economists make a lot of fat cash, and biology is pretty sweet.” Owusu’s interest in economics solidified after he took A.P. Macroeconomics online. He’s been intrigued with biology for a rather long time. Despite this interest, he doesn’t plan on looking into a profession as a doctor. “My parents used to want me to become a doctor,” he said. “But I don’t like touching sick people.” Economics seems like a more plausible option. “An economist is never on call, no one will ever say, ‘Come analyze these graphs right now!’ in the middle of the night. They also make a lot of fat cash. It’s a win-win situation.” After college, Owusu hopes to develop a family. He wants to have a wife and kids. “I’m going to have one boy and one girl,” he said. Owusu will only aim for this after he has a house. But before considering kids, Owusu has to find a wife. “If I were to make a list of the top races I’d want my wife to be, Indians would definitely be in the top three… maybe even top two.” Owusu plans on making a larger effort to find his future wife after high school. “I’ll be scoping out Indians right and left,” he said. Over the course of his lifetime, Owusu has a few other goals he’d like to accomplish. “If I can’t become crazy rich, it’d be pretty cool to go work for a movement to unify Africa or fix corrupt government,” he said. “I want to make Africa badass.”