LinesOutta our way!

In today’s society there is a threat greater than terrorism, foreigners, and even the former Soviet Union. And we’re not talking about y= 4x + 7. We’re talking about the lines you have to wait in, or as the British would say, “queues.” They’re everywhere, and they’ve been slowing us down and preventing us from getting things done since the dawn of multiple people wanting something. Lines, from cars in a parking lot, to people in the lunch line, lower production output in this country 73.3%. If we are to regain our economic dominance in this new global economy with young giants like China rising quickly, we must eliminate all forms of lines and enter a new age in which we don’t waste any time waiting for things we want. The WEB urges all citizens to vote yes on Ordinance 17 to make Story County line-free once and for all.