Running for fun? Yup.

Who says you must be a member of an organized sport to be able to get out and run where the wind takes you? A few determined boys, seniors Ben Ruppert and Ulfur Grant, challenged this question a year ago by founding the Intramural Running Team (I-Run). Ready to get in the best shape of their lives, Ruppert and Grant encouraged their friends to tag along for a merry ride (err, run). “It all started when Ben and I realized that we wanted to be on the varsity cross country team and began training.” Grant said, recalling the past. “We immediately realized that it would be impossible, but kept on running and dedicated ourselves to having fun instead.” After a successful first season, I-Run is back in a more popularized style. Open to anyone who is ready for an unpredictable, off-road run, the group meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the parking lot at 3:15 p.m. There was a meeting held Monday after school where a few important rules and regulations were discussed. For instance, the uniform entails a white t-shirt, blue shorts and white tube-socks. Also planning to run with students is the acclaimed teacher Craig Walter, a Titan among runners. “I-Run has taught me determination and persistence,” Grant said. “It’s also filled a void in my life, one that no woman could ever hope to occupy.” To emphasize on the greatness of I-Run, the envy many passersby feel when seeing the team perform is unparalleled. After all, they do aerobic exercises such as cherry picking, butt kicking and high knees whilst running. This may look silly to some, but it is actually quite an amusing and tiresome activity for the members. Also, an anonymous member of Girls’ Track said, “Seeing them having so much fun in I-Run made me realize what a bad idea track is… cross country is way better!” As one can see, I-Run is an all-around sport. It provides the benefit of a regular sport by keeping members in shape, but also brings about the fun, goofing off, cutting-corners aspect not permitted in a competitive high school team. Because most members are seniors, it is unclear whether I-Run will continue its legacy next year. No need to worry, however, Grant reassures. “In spirit, [I-Run] has always existed and always will exist as long as mankind has legs.”