A play about nothing (no, not Seinfeld)

Romantic comedies: the genre of film and stage that warm the hearts of people everywhere. When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, or any films starring Meg Ryan are really considered classics of the genre best known as date movies. However, the true classic is Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Luckily for Ames High Students, Much Ado About Nothing just so happens to be the Spring Play this year. The play follows Claudio and Hero and their at times hilarious romantic entanglement. “It is really going to be very good” junior Laura King said, who plays Hero, one of the leads of the play. “People really should go to it and see all the hard work that everyone has put in.” This year’s Spring Play has had to deal with some scheduling conflicts of those involved. “I was away in Spain for ten days,” King said. “Plus some people had to do Senior One-Acts. So recently it has been really hectic and busy.” The play, which is directed by English teacher Del Schmidt and Brian Parrish, is still hoping to be the best Spring Play in recent memory, despite the setbacks of Senior One-Acts and foreign language trips. “It really is coming together though,” King said. “Missing out on people in the long run is going to be only a minor setback. The people that are doing this are doing their best to make sure the play is a success.” There are students at the high school who are critical of the fact that this is a Shakespeare play. Reasoning behind this is the language of the play and how it is at times not easy to understand. “It’s gonna be so confusing!” senior Lukkas Gartin said. “I mean seriously, with all those words with –th and –est put on the back, I am not going to get anything!” However, to counteract this, positive student buzz around the school is beginning to reach an almost fever pitch. With the tickets costing only $3 for students (free with a student activity ticket and $5 for adults) and the fact that it is a play that is widely considered to be a classic, the buzz is not so hard to understand. “I’m really looking forward to see the Spring Play this year,” senior Eric Bierwagon said. “It will be the perfect way to entertain myself when I have nothing to do.” The Spring Play will take place this weekend, Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m.