Girls’ soccer in the midst of an exciting and victorious season

With the green grass of spring also comes the start of Ames High Girls’ Soccer. The season has kicked off with an exciting win over Newton last Tuesday. Despite the cold wind and light flurries the girls managed to win the game 4 to 2. Their first game results were not just due to the sheer talent of the team; preseason training was also a contributing factor. After the results of tryouts were posted, the girls did not waste a minute preparing. Players had two practices a day, forcing them to wake up early for morning practice and set aside after school commitments to attend the second round of practice. During the morning practices, the girls have to do anything from running indoors, agility exercises, to even sprinting in the pool. After school they hit the fields scrimmaging. Currently, the girls are having after school practices only where they scrimmage games. Coach Kenny Gram designs such a layout for the girls to ensure the team’s success as they approach the state tournament. “Kenny’s great! He really is helping us out,” senior Sarah Brimeyer said. With Gram coaching the girls, along with the girls’ hard work, the girls hope to make it even further into the state meet this year. The girls are not only in great physical shape this year, but are also well-bonded as a team. The majority of the team is composed of seniors who have been playing together for years. All 19 members have returned from playing varsity last year. “We have played together forever, and Kenny has been our coach for all four years,” Brimeyer said. Such a familiarity is bound to bring the team that much closer to the state title. There is no doubt that the girls are very experienced. Whether the girls are running the fields, scrimmaging or even savoring the sight of the boys’ soccer team, they are readying themselves for a dominating season. The girls plan passing the first round of the state tournament with Ames High fans cheering them to victory.