Haema is the most BA Indian at Ames High? Yes.

A member of everything from Key Club to swimming, senior Haema Nilakanta seems to find a way to do it all. The WEB: What is one of your favorite things that you’ve been involved in this year? Haema Nilakanta: Terpsichore, because I got to dance with a ton of awesome people. Also, swimming rocked, because I’m a senior and could get away with slacking off. W: What’s one of the things you’re happiest you’ve gotten involved with during the past four years? N: SHEF. Its one of the best clubs I’ve been in; I regret only being in it since sophomore year. W: What’s been your motivation/inspiration to be involved? N: I like what the groups I’m involved in do, what they’re aimed towards. I get to meet really great people, and that makes it a lot of fun. W: How did Prom court mix in with your other activities? N: I never knew what was going on in Prom court, I was so out of the loop! I depended on my other Prom court buddies. W: Did you like your Prom court match up? How was he? N: Yeah, Ege’s nice…he kinda smells, but he’s okay with me. W: Why do you think people voted for you for Prom Queen? N: I don’t know. I have absolutely no idea. I’m very flattered though. Apparently I’m ‘the most BA’ Indian? I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, though… W: Do you know what you’re doing after you finish high school? N: I’m 75 percent, no, 85 percent sure I’m going to Grinnell College. I’m thinking about studying international relations, but I’m always open to other areas and fields. W: What made you choose that field? N: I chose it because all of the classes I’ve had that were somewhat similar (A.P. Western Civ. and World Issues) I enjoyed, so I figured I might as well enjoy what I do. W: What have your favorite classes been? N: A.P. Western Civ. with Sullivan was amazing, and German Four is great. W: What kind of family support do you get? N: My mom makes food for me so I don’t starve, my dad regularly gives me lectures about my future, and my brother makes up excuses to give to my parents so I can chill out…plus he gives me cool music.