One man. One dream. One chance. Nolan Currie.

Nol. Nolie. That ginger kid. Yeah, the one that plays the sports sometimes and likes to do other stuff as well. The WEB caught up with Nolan Currie and sat down with him for a nice Sunday afternoon conversation. The WEB: What activities are you involved in? Nolan Currie: I have been involved in wrestling, football, golf, and currently soccer. When I’m not playing sports I spend my time chillin’ with my friends or working. W: What’s a typical day in the life of Nolan Currie? C: I set my alarm for 6:43 so I can hit my snooze button three times (3×9=27) so I wake up at 7:10. I shower and eat an Eggo to get me through first period. Then I go to the cafeteria for second and have a FAT bowl of cereal. I just load it until I can’t fit anymore in. Some other highlights include going to Lily Dobson’s house and eating her mom’s delicious food or going to [senior] Joe Thompson’s for Guitar Hero. W: It appears food is quite an important part of your life. How would you describe yourself in one word? C: Bomb-bullet. W: Would you call yourself a sandwich artist? C: Yes, proudly. I used to work at Subway four days a week. It was a good job and I miss it. W: While there you created the fabled sandwich known as the “Nol.” Tell us about it. C: I usually just threw something together to see if it tasted good and usually it did. But the “Nol” sandwich was dank, and it just stuck. I can’t reveal exactly what it was made out of, but let’s just say it involved bacon, chicken breasts, and marinara sauce. W: How’s soccer going? C: Good, it’s a lot different from last year because I actually play, so I feel like I’m a part of the team now. W: What’s your ideal summer day? C: Wake up around noon, play Counter-Strike and watch T.V. until around 4:00 p.m. Then I’d probably play some disc golf and hit up Little Tai Pei. Chinese food is basically my life. After that I’ll go to someone’s house and TRY to find something to do. W: You once had frag to death ratios of 1-13 and 1-14 in Counter-Strike on the same day. Even people who don’t play that game can tell that’s awful. How did you feel afterward? C: I felt determination. I was doing terrible, but I didn’t give up, even though that one Poogz kid was making fun of me. I even scrimmed again. Since then I’ve turned things around completely. Although I’ve been on hiatus for awhile, I plan on returning to CS this summer and leading Snailtrail to a CAL-IM championship. W: If you heard someone yell, “Nooooolllliiiiieee” in the halls, how would you respond? C: That person would probably get a loud, “WASSUP.” W: What’s your favorite book? C: Ender’s Game–great book. W: What are your plans following high school? C: I plan on going to ISU, but I think I may end up transferring to KU. W: Finally, where do you see yourself in ten years? C: Hopefully I’ll have a good job and live in an apartment with my girlfriend (possibly wife).