Prom music disappoints students

Another dance comes and goes leaving the impression of a good time with bad music. Walking into Prom 2007, one was floored by the elaborate dresses, amazing up-do’s and the let loose aura. It was quite enjoyable, but only if the connotations of the blasting music in the background were ignored. Throughout the night the vibrating speakers crackled out rap song after rap song. At times the songs brought out some mad dance moves, but in general the selection sounded repetitive. Some highlights include the mandatory “Cha Cha Slide,” “Sweet Escape,” and memorable Fergi songs. The rest were drowned out in the background leaving too little of an impression to remember. Many of the songs played weren’t very familiar to students, and most dawned the uncomfortable “in-between” beat, where it was impossible to determine if the song was fast or slow. This made it a difficult task to dance at all. In addition, the three consecutive slow songs that ended the dance were not appreciated by most students. Does anybody still like “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith? Though the slow songs wound down the crowd and gave a little break from faster music, standing in basically the same spot for about ten minutes was not the way students wanted Prom to end, especially seniors. A better distribution of the slower songs should have been chosen so that rather than clump them all together at the end, students would have a more exciting change of pace. Despite the overall mediocre song selection, attendees of Prom 2007 were shown a good time. With fun groups of friends, hilarious dinner parties and excitement for after-Prom, the festivities were not held back by the music. One can only hope that the selection was not entirely chosen by the student body.