Mock Trial no longer being mocked

The Ames High Mock Trial team was awarded sixth place in the national competition held May 12. The team traveled to Dallas, Texas. 38 states were represented at the competition, along with South Korea and North Mariana Islands. Students participating from Ames High School include Krishna Prabhu, Mythili Prabhu, Jasmine Chen, Supraja Rajagopalan, Zach Borg, Sarah Federle, Rohan Agarwal, Katie Orazem, and Michael Masteller. The Ames High team won all qualifying rounds but lost in the first round of Nationals to Louisiana on a split decision. The team went on to win the other three rounds of competition. Katie Orazem and Krishna Prabhu won outstanding witness awards. The Ames High Mock Trial team is coached by Iowa State students Jim and Kevin Hathaway.