The lost parks of Ames

As the leaves change colors and the air gets cooler, everyone wants to be outside to enjoy the changing season. Fall is the perfect time of year, with the heat of summer moving out right before the bitter winter cold shifts in, and there is no better place to appreciate the beautiful weather than in the many parks around Ames. Unfortunately, many parks go unnoticed and now we must bring back the lost parks of Ames. We all know of the big parks around Ames like Inis Grove, Moore Memorial, or Brookside. These parks are quite lovely, but because everyone knows about them, they are often crowded. Sometimes it can greatly take away from an outdoor experience if a park is filled with dozens of little kids or college students with the maturity of little kids. Many students will write off the idea of relaxing in a park for these reasons. The City of Ames website shows that there are 33 parks in Ames, but most Ames residents know very few of these parks. Two “lost” parks are Duff Park and the other Moore Park. Duff Park is located on the corner of Duff and E. 14th street. The park is set in more of an urban setting as it is off of Duff Ave. near the hospital. I spent some time in Duff Park and enjoyed it thoroughly. As I was there relishing in the beautiful weather, there was a little girl swinging rhythmically. Cars would drive by as I watched people living their lives, some looking hurried, some more tranquil. Moore Park is not to be confused with Moore Memorial Park in Northridge. Moore Park is located in a quieter location over by the ISU football stadium off of Beach Ave. I also spent some time at Moore Park. It was quieter. Fewer cars came by. I felt that I had more privacy and solitude. These parks seem to really be lost as very few Ames High students know of either park. Junior Mitch Durand said, “I don’t recognize that name. My favorite place to be outside is the Munn Heritage Woods.” A few students did know of the parks. “I love Moore Park!” Senior Katie Orazem said. “The merry-go-round is the best part of the park. One rarely sees merry-go-rounds anymore, making Moore Park so very special.” It is a shame that the City of Ames puts forth the effort to upkeep over 30 parks for us when many of them are ignored. One should never decide not to go out to parks because one park is too crowded. There are parks everywhere in town. Next time you want to relax outside, turn to a map to find a new park that you have not yet visited. I took some time to enjoy our parks and it was not only calming, but rewarding in its own way to be out in nature.