D-Wars:: dragons can fight wars, too

D-Wars. This film is a dawning of a new age in motion pictures. It was released September 14, to mild commercial success. The storyline includes ancient monsters coming to modern day Los Angeles and wreaking havoc upon the populous. “It’s a poor illustration of an Asian legend, only it happens in L.A.,” said student John Young. “It will be similar to Transformers only it has giant lizards instead of robots.” Nobody would disagree. This movie has awesome special affects and an extremely underused pool of Asian Legends. This movie was suppose to be released in 2005, but like many great things was set back to improve upon production value. Dragon Wars is a story never brought to screen and therefore not disappointing for huge fans. You wont here things like “that’s not like the cartoons” or “they ruined the book”. “This film will rival Star Wars 3, King Kong, and Jurassic Park 4,” said writer/director Hyong-imoogi Shin. Star Wars 3 was a great movie, King Kong greatly improved upon predecessors, and Jurassic Park 4 has yet to come out. Shin draws the main comparison to the other films with special effects. He has excellent effects, which are the standard in modern films. “Who is in D-Wars?” asked junior Matt Saxton, “and what is D-Wars?” Armies of hungry dragons are in it. Duh! The main character is Jason Behr, whose previous film appearance was the boyfriend who got eaten in The Grudge. Also, the lady in the film is Amanda Brooks, a young British actress making her way into Hollywood. Rumors say they edited out a scene with L.A. Galaxy star David Beckham due to his lowering popularity. Rumors say he fought and defeated ten dragons by himself. Will this film go down in history as one of the greatest pieces of cinema and special effects? That remains to be seen.