Defense:: it does matter

Any great football team is united, has great leaders, and experience. The Little Cyclones have all of these qualities. The team is fueled and led by linebackers Josiah Fitzsimmons, Tyler Nesbitt, and Colin Shriver. Fitzsimmons and Nesbitt are seniors and bring the experience, while Shriver is a playmaker to say the least. “This year we react much faster to the plays,” Nesbitt said. “We can see each play develop and try our best to stop it.” The defense relies on the linebackers to do their job. Any game one of the linebackers could be the star. In the opener against Roosevelt Shriver was the man to make the plays. He had two fumble recoveries, one interception, and many solo tackles. “Shriver probably won’t have a game like this again,” an anonymous junior football player said. In truth he doesn’t have to, and neither do the other linebackers. They just have to do their jobs and the team does well. Their success is essential to the success of the defense. The linebackers have the job to stop the run and help with covering the pass. “Fitz is the vocal leader of the defense,” junior Derek Accola said. “Other teams only see the mean side of Fitz, they only see what he brings to the game of football.” Fitzsimmons is without a doubt the leader of the defense. The opposing teams feel it in the morning and so do the other players in practice. “I feel like the cracker in the Cheez-it commercials,” said junior Brett Simpson, who plays running back against the first team defense. Domination starts with the linebackers. They are truly the centerpiece of the defense and essential to the success of the team. The other parts of the defense are also very solid. The defensive backs have speed and great awareness, and the defensive line is big and strong. The offense counts on the defense to do their jobs so that the offense can be in a position to score. “The defense gives us the ball and we do our jobs,” junior running back Sam Tim said. “Josiah and Tyler do what they do. They have natural talent when it comes to football,” The team is definitely bustling with talent. Several juniors are stepping up and making a big impact when it comes to game time. The famous NFL linebacker Ray Lewis says “defense wins championships” and with a solid defense along with a potent offense, Ames High will have a strong team.