First ever Semi-Annual, Fall Pencil Review!

The one thing that every single high school student will be asked in their scholastic career is not about college, nor is it about grades or classes. It is “Hey buddy, can I borrow a pencil?” The one school supply that is universal to all students is the almighty pencil. Pencils have been around since the beginning of documented history. They are made from graphite, rubber erasers and cedar wood. But, why are there so many different brands? Which brands should one buy, and how much will that cost? What is the best pencil out there? All these questions will be answered in the first annual The WEB Pencil review. Dixon Ticonderoga black (millennium) Wood: California Cedar Eraser: Top Quality Grade: 5/5 Started in 1795, the Dixon company has been around almost as long as the Constitution. Dixon started out as an art supplies company and eventually grew into manufacturing pencils. “Dixon Ticonderoga is a company that empowers people to take conscious and subliminal thoughts, facts, ideas and dreams, and preserve them using tools that are simply extensions of themselves,” said the Dixon Website. Wow. During the pencil test, all testers mentioned smoothness and consistency when writing with the Dixon. “When I wrote with the Dixon, it was just comfortable. All of my letters had the same consistency as the last, and that’s a big thing for me,” senior Deepak Navi said. Mirado Black Warrior Wood: Incensed Cedar Eraser: Premium Rubber Grade: 3.5/5 Name 6/5 The Mirado Black Warrior is a pencil made by Papermate, which is a subsidiary of Sanford. Sanford is the company that also makes Sharpies, Expo markers, Accent highlighters and uni-ball pens. The Mirado line of pencils also has a classic edition of pencils that are the standard yellow with pink eraser. Mirado Black Warriors come pre-sharpened and I noticed that after the initial sharpen, it was difficult to get a sharpness of equal quality. “The Black Warrior just doesn’t have the weight of the Dixon,” junior Steve Stark said. “I think the bad sharpening could have something to do with the roundness of the pencil.” Staples Wood: Real Eraser: included Notes: 100% safe Grade 0/5 Staples is the youngest of all companies tested. Stapes was started in 1989 and has aspired to become THE office superstore and eventually take over the world. They are already the world’s largest office superstore, having already grossed $18.2 billion this year. With the wide range of products, it is possible that maybe these pencils have been mass-produced, skimming over the quality. “The Staples pencil eraser just wears out so much faster than the Dixon. The eraser is just so important, because it corrects the mistakes that people always end up making,” sophomore Jordan Fitzsimmons said. Everyone tested agreed that the quality of the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil was far superior to any other pencils tested. All school supplies stores offer the Dixons and Mirados at a reasonable price of $1.50 for 12 a pack of pencils. The Staples pencils are offered at every Staples location, and with purchase, dissatisfaction comes free. The pen maybe mightier than the sword, but the pencil defines who you are, and your high school career.