Letter to the editor:: wrestling room quote is grammatically correct

Hello, I am an assistant wrestling coach at Ames High. I wanted to provide my response to the article entitled “Grammatical error plagues wrestling room, many afflicted and no cure in sight” in the Ames High School paper. This article had some bold comments about the Ames High wrestling staff, the wrestling program, the athletic department, and the school in general. By saying such statements, you should expect to put people on the defensive and you have done such with me. I have attached a word document with my response to this article. I will leave it to your discretion how you want to handle this matter. I have also posted this response on the Ames High Wrestling webpage (www.ameshighwrestling.com) or (http://www.ameshighwrestling.com/response.php) which is maintained by me, but this page does not reach the same audience as the original article. I would appreciate any clarification you can provide on this matter. Carson Andorf {Editor’s note: In grammatical matters, The WEB adheres to the Associated Press stylebook. On page 272 in the 2005 manual, it reads, “Who is the pronoun used for references to human beings and to animals with a name.” This was our justification for condemning the use of “that” in the wrestling room quote. While other stylebooks may acknowledge the validity of using “that”, we hold that it is still implicitly dehumanizing. Also, one may note the humorous nature of Mr. Foley’s article}.