Finish the fight. Halo 3

The year is 2553. An overwhelming flood of zombielike creatures threatens to overrun the universe and a hostile alien race is determined to destroy all life in the universe. You are a futuristic super soldier in a biomechanical suit and the only hope the human race has left for survival. Who is willing to accept the challenge of Halo 3, in what could be described as the most anticipated video game of all time? Ames High Senior David Hickok is willing to put the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not taking any chances, Hickok pre-ordered his copy of Halo 3 nearly a year in advance. Hickok had joined a group of elite gamers numbered in the millions who also pre-ordered the game that has been anxiously awaited for three years since the release of Halo 2. On the September 25th release date, Halo 3 racked up a recorded $170 million in retail sales in U.S stores, almost $20 million more than top grossing films make on opening weekends. With stunning graphics and an intriguing campaign plot, Halo 3 is guaranteed to keep gamers glued to the screen for hours on end. A slight change of controls from the classic Halo controls truly adapts Halo 3 to the Xbox 360, unlike its predecessor which was designed for the original Xbox. Nearly seven hours of campaign playtime allows for an intense gaming experience, what really draws out the real gamers is the enormous online community that comes along with Halo. “It’s all about the online multiplayer” Hickok said “any given time of the day you’ll find a game to get in on, and you meet a lot of weird people.” One week after the release of Halo 3 Hickok had averaged ten hours of game-play a day, squeezing it in between his schooling and cross-country practices. A truly dedicated gamer, David has been a key competitor in a Halo 2 tournament and even waited in line for 3 hours to get his copy of Halo 3. “David is the most dedicated Halo player I’ve ever met” Ames High Senior Eric Miller said “I’ve played with him (David) online before, he’s incredible. I don’t know how he manages to play so much. He must not sleep.” Dealing with what some might consider a video game addiction, Hickok lives an active life for someone who spends a significant portion of the day in front of a television screen. “I’ve been training for the Des Moines Marathon alongside my cross country practices and playing in the marching band.” Hickok said “Oh, and I’ve also been going on the outdoors club campouts. They’re ridiculous.” From his chiseled runner’s body and long dreadlocks it’s hard to imagine that David Hickok could possibly spend so much time on a video game. However, the simple game play and stunning graphics of Halo 3 seem to attract gamers from all walks of life. This makes Halo 3 not just a game, but a leveling field for geeks, dweebs, athletes, adults, and children alike. “If you think you’re too good for Halo you’re just a little pahp,” Hickok said. “Only noobs don’t play Halo”