Letter to the editorsave the wolves

To the Editor: Something very bad is happening right now in this wonderful world; wolves are being slaughtered. I know most people think of wolves as vile predators. Well even if they are, wolves don’t deserve to be slaughtered and these wonderful creatures are being hurt in two bad ways. One being killed by guns on the ground and two being aerial gunning. I shall now define it. People shooting wolves with guns from airplanes. Wolves are wonderful creatures. Just like my brother and me they are loyal. And there is something kind of beautiful looking about them. Even though they have attacked us before, I don’t think they mean to. They are just trying to protect their young. Like we humans do from human strangers. Also, wolves are doing us a favor because they only prey on sick animals, not healthy. How are eating sick animals doing us a favor? Even though it may be kind of gross since they are sick, if wolves don’t eat sick animals then someone else will. So please help me try to stop this terrible injustice. Wolves should not be slaughtered. Because if too many wolves get slaughtered, then every kind of wolf will be extinct and wolves will disappear forever. -Ben Schnable senior