Look to Northern Lights for some hot bites: (Valentinos, Ge-Angelo’s, Café Shi, OH MY!)

If you were ever curious about where you should take your girlfriend to eat, or go for a family dinner, consider the Northern Lights complex. With three distinct restaurants to offer—Valentinos, Ge-Angelos, and Café Shi—you won’t be dissatisfied after leaving Ames’ oft-forgotten shopping center. Celebrating their upcoming 50th anniversary, Valentinos has been known for their great Italian food. Now that they are new to Northern Lights, Valentinos has recently expanded their buffet table and now offers more home-style foods. Their family-oriented atmosphere allows people of all ages to come in and enjoy a great meal. Some would even call the environment aggressively friendly. Valentinos also caters, so if you have an upcoming event you can enjoy their fine foods at home. They offer a wide variety of pizza and other foods. So if you have a big appetite, for a good price you can enjoy a great meal at Valentinos. If you want something different, you can enjoy international cuisine at Café Shi. Café Shi is recognized for the wide variety of eclectic foods, Café Shi includes Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Cajun and Middle Eastern foods dishes. With moderate prices, people with all types of taste can eat there. They have special menus for children and vegetarians, and for those old enough, they have a bar. You may also enjoy listening to jazz performances during dinner. If that does not work for you, try enjoying Ge-angelo’s friendly and attentive service. Their unique approach on Italian entrée’s can leave you full and satisfied. They offer traditional tasty Italian desserts that include Italian ices, Tiramisu cannolis and cheesecake. Ge- angelo’s also offers a variety of true Italian pizza, perhaps more authentic than at Valentinos. Next time you’re at Northern Lights the only problem you will have is choosing which restaurant you want to satisfy your taste buds. All of these restaurants have a lot to offer and all have great service. So whether it’s Ge-angelos, Valentinos or Café Shi, you can expect great quality and attentive, friendly service for a night out.