Never too old for Disney

After premiering to over 7 million people in the U.S. in 2006, High School Musical is taking the world by storm. A little over a year later, High School Musical 2 premiered to over 17 million, making it the highest rated basic cable broadcast in U.S history. “The first time High School Musical came out I watched it three times” junior Stephanie Keller said. “I love High School Musical because Zach Efron is so hot!” High School Musical is about a group of high school kids dealing with the struggle of being themselves or being what is expected of them. The movie stars Zach Efron as Troy Bolton, the high school hottie who is torn between his singing abilities and his basketball skills. Vanessa Hudgens plays Gabriella Montez, the new girl in school, who is afraid people will find out how freakishly smart she is. Gabriella and Troy try out for the school musical and instantly make an enemy of Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale), the drama diva that has starred in every one of the schools musicals. “Listening to High School Musical makes me want to be more than I ever thought I could be” junior Taylor Sloter said. “I know every song.” The soundtrack has been at number one twice on the Billboard since 2006. It also won the Billboard Music award for soundtrack album of the year in 2006. Not only does High School Musical have a soundtrack DVD, but also a video game, sing along, dance along, and lots of paraphernalia. “I have a High School Musical comforter, a Zach Efron placemat, toothbrush, and pencils” said Sloter. “You’re never too old for High School Musical.” High School Musical has also become a hit in the community. The local Actors community theatre is currently running this Disney channel hit with showings on September 28-30, and October 12-14 and 19-21. The movie has been a motivator for many people, not just little Disney fans. The Ames High Volleyball team has made it a tradition to listen to the soundtrack everyday at practice. “Listening to High School Musical really pumps me up” said Keller. “It helps make practices a lot of fun and we all get to dance around like Zach Efron.” After the premiere of High School Musical 2 there was a lot of talk about a third movie. Everyone would like to believe that the whole cast would be returning, but after a scandalous photo of Vanessa Hudgens came out, many people are wondering whether Disney will bring her back. “I think it was a bad choice for Vanessa because a lot of young fans looked up to her” said Keller “ but I’m sure a third movie would be just as good because they would still have Zach!” So if you haven’t had the chance to watch High School Musical you could be missing out. Who knows, it could motivate you to do greater things in life! Or you could just fall in love with Zach Efron.