The Boheme:: An Ames cultural hot spot

“[The] Boheme was started in 1998 in an effort to offer a social venue that might contribute in a novel and positive manner to interactions among people of all ages and social, economic, racial, and cultural strata.” This is what owner Pete Sherman has written on the Boheme website, and he’s on to something. Everyone has heard of Club Energy, Iowa’s hottest under 21 dance club, but not that many people have heard of La Boheme, Ames’ own international dance club. Even though the website says The Boheme was started nine years ago, it has a history as rich as any other campus hangout. Originally The Boheme started as a grocery store, and was later turned into an eatery and a bar called Doogan’s Deli. “Doogan’s always had a really friendly neighborhood atmosphere,” teacher Del Schmidt said. Although the Boheme has lost the photo booth and pinball machines it once housed as Doogan’s, the friendly neighborhood atmosphere is still apparent. “It is just a place, that, when someone walks in there, you just know that you are at the right place to be,” senior Leslie Weber said. The Boheme is still located on the corner of West Street and Campus Avenue, and it offers many different types of music to dance to, creating a cultural experience unmatched by any campus bar. Their regular schedule of events includes Club Vinyl Night on Thursdays, World Beat Night Friday and Saturday, and poetry slams sometimes on Tuesday night. The Boheme’s hours may be extreme, going from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., but a sleepless night is a welcome trade for a night full of dancing. “My favorite night to go is Thursday.” Leslie Weber said. “The DJ and music rocks and there are always a lot of people.” When people get tired of dancing, the Boheme has many areas to just sit and talk. “Whenever my friends and I go there, we always sit on two couches in the corner of club and just cool down,” senior Leah Hansen said, While kicking back and catching your breath on the couches, you can enjoy the large amount of artwork that decorate the walls of the Boheme. If you are thirsty the Boheme includes a bar where anyone, including, teenagers can go get something to drink. “They always have ice cold water, and great Italian Sodas that are actually really cheap.” Hansen said. With Club Energy located 45 minutes away, and no other dance clubs for high school students in sight, the Boheme offers an alternative to driving out to Des Moines for a good time. “Thursday nights are as about as uneventful as they come in Ames, but thanks to the Boheme, I can go and just dance.” Hansen said.