Homecoming ‘07:: really hot

Every year at the Homecoming dance there are good dancers, bad dancers, and people who think they are too cool to be dancing. In case you missed out, here are some of the more impressive dancers from this year’s Homecoming dance. The Captain Hook Award Junior Nathan Snell came to the dance without a date, but that was all part of his plan. The junior managed to hook-up with not one, but two girls at the dance, winning the Captain Hook Award. The “It’s Getting Pretty Hot in Here” Award In the middle of the dance floor stood a sophomore boy of a small size, but a big spirit. He goes by the name of Casey Bagnall. “I think the reason I dance hard is because of the atmosphere and the music in here,” Bagnall said. “Having lots of people makes it more fun to do what I do.” This sophomore stud was dancing his heart out for most of the dance, and at one point he was about to take his clothes off because it was getting hot in there. The Craziest Dancers There really weren’t many other guys dancing as well as seniors Asa Ritz, Drew Schlosser, and junior Ben Mackey. “I just like to have fun out here,” Schlosser said. Even though Mackey’s dancing may have not been as “crazy” as Ritz and Schlosser’s, he did do the “driving the car” while Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’” was playing and managed to do the “Matrix.” No strings attached. Mr. Sweet Guy Award For the last slow dance of the night, senior David Tim requested a special song, “I’ll Be,” for his date. How sweet is that? Honorable Mentions Even though there were many more excellent dancers there is a limit on the amount we are able to award. However, a few worth mentioning are: -Brady White and his Macarena dance -Big Man Mou Akoon, for providing Sudanese style right here in the Midwest.