Swimmers party late, rise early, but win ALL DAY, EVERYDAY BABY

Waking up at 5:30 in the morning and jumping into a freezing cold pool had become an everyday thing for the Ames High girls swim team. With practices two times a day and on the weekends, swimming has become a way of life for these girls. “There are around 65 girls on the swim team,” said senior swimmer Madi Cummings. “We’ve all become a big family this season.” The girls swim team has one of the toughest schedules out there. They finished third in the CIML behind Valley and Marshalltown who are currently ranked 1st and 2nd in the state. A highlight of the season for many girls was when they beat Ankeny by one point in a dual meet. “We haven’t beaten Ankeny since 1987 so that was an awesome experience,” Cummings said. “Everyone was around the pool yelling and screaming each other on.” The girls recently placed 2nd at the regional swim meet in Johnston. Now they are looking to place in the top five at state. Last year the team placed seventh overall at the state meet with senior Lauren Naeve taking fourth place for diving. “Not a lot of people know how important diving can be,” said Cummings, “When they place well it gives us points which helps out a lot.” Lauren Naeve is currently rated number one in the state for diving. She finished 1st at the regional diving meet and has placed in the top five the last two years. Now she is looking to finish her senior year with a state title. “The diving scores for the team are equivalent to relay scores,” said Naeve, “so every point you can get helps the team that much more.” Also looking to rack up points is junior Stephanie Koch. She is currently rated first for several races including the 500 yard freestyle. Last year she placed in the top five in three races. “Out talent is really spread out,” Cummings said, “We have a lot of talented upperclassmen and underclassmen. We definitely have a good chance to place in the top 4.” The Little Cyclone swim team hopes to put all of their hard work to test at the state meet in Marshalltown November 2 and 3. They’re so committed that some girls are waiting until state to shave their legs! With all their talent and experience they’re sure to come through. Now all they need is some school support! As Cummings added, “Who wouldn’t want to come watch us swim in our hot swim suits?”