Writers strike out, go on strike

The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Office: these are a few of AHS students’ favorite TV shows, but due to a recent writers strike, students have had to learn how to survive without them for a while. Hollywood writers went on strike on November 5th after negotiations failed with major Hollywood studios. That capped off three months of negotiations, but none were settled before the writers three year contracts came to an end. “I’m missing The Colbert Report and Daily Show a lot,” senior Zeke Musselman said. “I’ve had to start watching a lot more Sportscenter, and various sporting events.” Many have come to the decision of being like senior Ryan Kenyon. With the endless reruns of favorite shows, sports are the best place to turn to. The college basketball season is just starting, and the college football season coming is to an exciting finish, so there won’t be a shortage of things to watch. But if you’re not a sports fan, you may be able to turn to reality television. To those of you who can not stand reality TV: brace yourself, because there is going to be more of it than you can handle. With no end in sight for the strike, stations across the country will be forced to air the unscripted nightmares. A big winner of this strike will be FOX, which seems to only run reality shows. While FOX is rejoicing, stations like NBC and CBS which primarily air sitcoms and late night talk shows are scrambling to find something to put on. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has planed to talk with producers to see if he could help resolve the situation in any way. He has already talked with writers. The television industry is not the only institution feeling the effects of the strike; Broadway is too. Stagehands have marched out on strike while backstage workers are demanding a pay raise, which will hit hard for the upcoming holiday shows. Nobody is winning right now; many television fans have lost their beloved shows, and even worse, they will be blitzed with too many reality shows to count. But at least there are sports to help relieve the pain.