Shazam, they’re glamorous: Gold, hip-hop, all things Iowa. Leslie And The Ly’s most recent performance in Ames

With the antics of true divas, beats so fresh and amazing they can only be described as “beat-dazzling”, and a handcrafted wardrobe of skin tight gold, Leslie and the Ly’s left concertgoers at the M-Shop in awe on November 7th. Leslie Hall, frontwoman of Leslie and the Ly’s and a former Ames High student, is widely known for her vast collection of gem sweaters that she displays on Alongside her collection of cast away gem sweaters, Hall is also well known for many of her music videos posted on youtube, and those gold spandex pants . Little is expected from internet celebrities (cewebrities) in the real world, but time after time, Hall has managed to prove herself worthy of the live performance- not just the internet. Leslie and the Ly’s November 7th show was no exception. Rocking a shimmering spandex outfit, Leslie Hall took to the stage with wild dance moves, Iowa related lyrics and a few tricks up those tight spandex sleeves of hers. She broke out some of her fan favorite hip-hop songs such as “Zombie Killer”, “Shazam, I’m Glamorous”, “Gold Pants”, and many more from her first two albums. Throughout the show Leslie and The Ly’s used a projector to show slideshows of old video clips and even to premier their newest music video, “How We Go Out”. “I thought the slideshows really added to the performance,” former Ames High student Eric Foley said. “Although it was hard to peel my eyes away from Leslie’s dancing. I really liked all the tight clothes. A lot.” For a woman of large stature, Hall moved graciously across the stage with bizarre dance moves and the occasional ninja kick. Hall kept a high level of energy going throughout the performance, keeping the crowd in a state of amazement, and she wasn’t above connecting with her audience, either.Between songs, Hall would talk about things that her Ames audience could relate to, like going to one of the five Dairy Queen locations, or our Goodwill or Salvation Army. “I felt that was really important to her show,” Ames High alumni Mukund Premkumar said. “I could really relate to what she was saying, because I’ve been to those places. As an audience member, communication like that really helps me feel closer to the artist.” Besides prancing about the stage, Hall performed while suspended in a harness from a piece of lumber placed between two audience members. Towards the end of the show, Hall presented her gem sweater-clad fans with official certificates of gemsweaterology. She gave each sweater its own name, improvised on the spot. Among those accepted were the glamorous gem sweaters of Ames High juniors Jackie Mason and Kate Gibson. Currently residing in Ames, Hall hosts her own call-in radio show, “Holla Back Ames,” on 88.5 KURE Fridays from noon until two. Like a true Iowa renaissance woman, no matter what she does, Hall seems to be able to do it with incredible enthusiasm and energy.