The Coen brothers’ latest instant classic

Most action movies can be lumped into two categories: those with explosions and those without. No Country for Old Men goes far beyond petty explosions and embarrassing dialogue. The movie has set itself apart from other movies of similar genres by offering something that most others lack: substance. No Country for Old Men is the Coen Brother’s latest in a long line of prestigious and award winning movies, such as Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and Barton Fink. No Country contains the same intensity and dark humor as all their other action movies, as well as the notable cast of characters. Javier Bardem invents the right atmosphere for a psychotic killer as Antoine Chigurh, and Tommy Lee Jones creates the perfect yin to Bardem’s yang as he plays Sheriff Ed Tom Bell. “He [Jones] delivers a performance for the ages, second only to his performance in Man of the House,” junior Kristine Hopper said. “If No Country is anything like the Coen Brother’s other movies, it really won’t disappoint me.” No Country centers around a mysterious failed drug deal in 1980. Josh Brolin’s character Llewelyn Moss stumbles upon the site of the melee and encounters two million dollars in a briefcase, as well as many dead drug dealers. He finds one dealer who is injured, but alive and bloodied in a truck. The man asks him for water. After Moss insists he has no water, he leaves the scene of the brawl and goes home to his trailer park. Moss’s conscience gets the best of him, he decides to go back and take the bloodied dealer a jug full of water- a decision that sets the entire movie in motion. Antoine Chigurh (played by Bardem) may look like a goofy overgrown child, but this image changes just after he brutally murders innocent man after innocent man. Throughout the movie, Chigurh continues to amaze a viewer how thoughtlessly he kills. Chigurh’s weapon of choice is a silenced shotgun and every detail, down to the sound it makes when he shoots someone, reminds the audience of the cruel and heartless person Chigurh is. Javier Bardem’s performance as a killer should not be taken lightly, and it should at least be recognized with a nomination for an academy award. Every detail that is included in this movie was carefully drawn out and it definitely shows in the end product. The film is constantly throwing something different into the face of the audience and still maintains the level of clarity that has become the norm for Coen Brother’s movies. No Country for Old Men achieves classic cinema status, while still being original, and a feat such as that should not go unmentioned in Hollywood.