Azn club attracts crowds

The people who go to Asian club are not necessarily Asian, not necessarily wanting to learn Asian history, but probably want to have fun experiencing some aspects of Asian culture like food, films and Asian-oriented frivolity (it means playfulness in Asian). One great aspect of Asian Club is getting an Asian name. Asian names can come from a variety of sources, including video games, movies, and notable Asian classmates. The best part about Asian names is that club members pick their own. “A good Asian name is Wirry Wu,” Yeil Park, a veteran Asian Club member, said. For example, your Asian name could be Bruce Chi or Chow Yor Cat, but it couldn’t be Tom Shady or Wesley Swiper-no-Swiping. If a member is unable to provide his or her own name, it will be chosen for them in the style of Spike T.V.’s show MXC. One long-standing tradition is the Haiku poetry contest. This is a head-to-head competition. The entire club judges a single-elimination tournament with each participant presenting a Haiku. The winner moves on, unless the round is voted a tie — an extra round is the deciding factor. This year’s winner was Eric Garasky. He fought to the top with one crowd-pleasing Haiku after another (even some that weren’t his). He won the finals and earned the title of Asian of the week. Ben Nadler beat out Garasky a week later for his performance at the Asian Club outing. For the outing, 35 Asian club members went to King Buffet with one simple goal: clean out the sesame chicken. The goal was shattered by the King Buffet staff as they always had another pan ready to refill. Everyone got his or her fill though, and Ben Nadler received Asian of the week for telling the waitress about Zach Liechty’s birthday. “The waitresses just took dessert off the dessert part of the bar for Zach’s cake,” Nadler said. She also put a candle on to make it more official and Asian Club sang for Leichty. After the meal, the group capped off another successful Asian club meeting with a picture. Members showed off peace signs and said, “How many?” on the count of three. Asian Club meets every Thursday after school. Talk to Jess Nelson if you want to attend, and he’ll point you in the right direction. Next up for Asian Club is the Date Club Auction, where many are encouraged to bid on Willy Wu.