Woo is Willy Wu Weally?

On August 23, 2007, a legend who goes by the name of Willy Wu walked through the doors of Ames High. A small man with a big heart, he had one goal on his mind: transforming from a middle school stud into a high school stud. “I thought he was just some short freshman,” sophomore Lauren Bonett said. “But once I looked into his eyes, he’s been on my mind ever since.” Wu walks down the halls of Ames High with such authority that junior Matthew Lee fears to utter his name. “You can just tell if a person is in control or not,” he said. “And a man with his size and that much authority is just unexplainable.” It might not be hard for someone to oftentimes overlook the studliness of Wu because of his size, but that does not stop him from being the person he was meant to be. “People always tell me that they have a hard time adjusting to a high school life,” Wu said. “Honestly, it really wasn’t that hard. All I had to do was just sit back and chill and let things happen my way.” Wu has enjoyed being part of the Ames High Orchestra this year—his most memorable time was on the Orchestra Tour to Minneapolis in late October. “Orchestra Tour probably has to be one of the best times I have experienced this year in high school,” he said. “A lot of late-nighters with my roommates Xiaoxi Yang and Lawrence Chiou playing games as well as dominating in Super Smash Bros against a lot of upperclassmen made the trip even better.” Even though he may be feared by a handful of students, others try whatever they can to get him. “He’s sexy, I’m not gonna lie,” Bonett said. “I want him. My friends and I know that he’ll be at the date auction. I know there’s some competition and we’ve taken this into consideration, but I’m willing to try my best.” Wu will be part of the second annual Asian Club Date Auction during the Winter Madness concert on Saturday Dec. 15th at 7 p.m. in the Ames High Auditorium. Even though many want him, only a few will have him.