Spend time with that special person you bought

With the annual Asian Club date auction just around the corner, students find themselves asking the question: “What do I do with my date that I just won from the date auction?” That’s why The WEB is here for some expert advice. A nice dinner and a movie On a nice Friday evening, a dinner at the mall and movies at the North Grand Five theaters can make this date the best night of your life. And a trip to the Lunar Golf would just make the night out of the world. However, some of the best places just might be your home or your favorite local restaurant. “I would take my date to my favorite restaurant, B-Bops,” senior Ray Wolt said. “Afterwards, we could go back to my place and watch the greatest movie that I’ve ever seen, Kazaam. It has Shaq in it!” Have your date make you dinner/cinnamon rolls/cookies Well, you did buy your date, so why not just let your date cook and satisfy your sweet tooth? It can’t be that bad. Take your chances and let your date dish up their special meal. Sell/give your date to someone If you realize that your date that you just bought isn’t really right for you because you are already in a relationship, you could sell your date to someone else or let one of your good friends take the person out for a date. I’m sure there would be an offer if you lower the price and just remember: it’s for charity. Make your date do your chores and do you favors Junior Yeil Park didn’t know what to expect last year when his classmate, Ben Mackey, bought him. But all Mackey wanted was 50 paper cranes. “I was hoping [Mackey] would forget that he bought me,” Park said. “But every time we hear the word “date” or “auction” being used, he remembers. Sometimes I wish I could have someone like Michael Bruner help me out.” Stay at home date You could always take your date to a nice place called your house, and finish up couple chores that needs to be finished up. “If I bought someone from the date auction, I would make them clean my house,” senior Tommy Fields said. “I mean, it’s not like I want to do it and it’s not like the carpet will vacuum itself.” Maybe a nice day of shoveling snow and a cup of hot chocolate could make the date a bit more romantic. Your night might just depend on who you buy, and there are plenty of date options including the junior stud Ben Jones and double date Biggie/Smalls combo of Josh Brown and Yeil Park or studs Ben Nadler and Aaron Ackerman. But out of all the choices this year, freshman sensation Willy Wu seems to be the favorite date option by many students. The date auction this will be held on Saturday Dec. 15th at 7 pm in the Ames High Auditorium.