The winners and the losersCy-Hawk edition

WINNERS: CYCLONE FANS Cyclone fans are winners, because, well, they won last Saturday’s mens basketball game against the hated Iowa Hawkeyes. But to these fans, it was more that just a game. It was a season. To Cyclone fans, the annual match-up against the Hawkeyes will literally make or break their season. A win secures state bragging rights for the year. If they lose, they give up on their season and wait until next year. So congratulations Cyclones. You won. LOSERS: BASKETBALL FANS Even Cyclone fans have to admit their victory over Iowa on Saturday was not very exciting. The forty minute slugfest showcased two teams with very low expectations for the season. Iowa managed to dress only nine players for the game! Granted both schools have highly respected coaches and boast promising young talent, but for this year, college basketball in the state does not look to be all that pretty. CLOSE CALL: JAMAAL TINSLEY Former Iowa State basketball star Jamaal Tinsley survived a shooting scare when he and his entourage were attacked after leaving a nightclub in downtown Indianapolis. It is the second shooting incident in the last year, and is especially scary following the recent murder of NFL star Sean Taylor. With the recent shooting incidents at night clubs, one must wonder what Tinsley ever did with his free time while living in Ames.