Winter drivingMuch more exciting, illegal, and dangerous than sledding ever will be

As a kid, the best thing to do on snow days was race down hills on your sled. But as we’ve gotten older and matured we’ve outgrown the sleds and, naturally, switched to cars. “Now that I’m older and have my license the one thing I look forward to in the winter is snow and ice,” senior Anna Carswell said, “because they only mean one thing: winter car driving.” Not only does winter mean snow, Christmas, and food, it also means bad driving conditions which mean perfect roads for the sport of winter car driving. Winter car driving can only happen on icy, snowy, or mushy roads. It’s best on days with weather advisories. “On my way to school I usually try to get three or four good slides in,” Carswell said. “There are usually snow drifts or other cars that can stop you if you get an uncontrollable slide in.” Slides are a major part of winter car driving. To do a slide, you get your speed up to at least 25 M.P.H. then slam your foot on the brakes and see how far the snowy or icy road takes you. These slides are fun because you never know which way you’ll go or how far you’ll slide. Another aspect of winter car driving is the all too famous donut. Donuts are made when driving around and around in a small circle. These are best made in the winter because once you’ve gone around and around for about 5-10 minutes you can step out of your car and look at your beautiful, circular masterpiece. “The best place for making donuts in the parking lot right outside the mall” Carswell said. “There’s so much open space and they have those light poles that you can put in the middle of your donut.” Now you may be asking yourself why you’ve never heard of winter car driving as a sport. That is because it is illegal in most states. Making donuts and sliding down the street are not the safest things to be doing when driving. Winter car driving is very similar to street racing. It is usually done at night and cops are always on the lookout for mischievous cars on snowy days. Winter car driving is very popular in states like Alaska and North Dakota. Over the past few years it has spread out and made its way all over the United States. Even Hollywood has caught the drift and I have a feeling Fast and the Furious 4: Winter Racing will be in theaters soon. Unless you are a highly experienced driver, I suggest you leave winter car driving to the professionals. But the next time you see a driver sliding down an icy street, don’t get frustrated with them. They probably just lost their sled and decided to have some fun with winter car driving.