Fantastic films from 2007: The five movies that made the year

2007 was not a year for big stars on the silver screen, but instead a time for great movies with some lesser-known actors. The year gave plenty of cinematic muck to be filtered though, for example the latest additions to the Saw, Hostel and Rush Hour films. Here are only five of the many high quality, must-see films of 2007. 1. No Country for Old Men No Country for Old Men was this year’s most beautifully composed movies. With little introduction, the characters are wonderfully developed and brilliantly played. Each scene is flawless and each moment played out smoothly. This action thriller follows a relentless serial killer and a hunter who happened to fall into his path, the Coen brothers were able to portray this story with their style of bleak cinematography. Definitely the best film of 2007, if not the Coen Brothers’ career. 2. Juno Cute. Cute is the most accurate definition for a lighthearted comedy about a quirky teen pregnancy, and that is simply what Juno is. A movie like this can go astray in so many different ways, but was kept on the right track to movie greatness throughout the story. This movie is quirky, heartwarming, and above all very, very funny. 3. Ratatouille Not just another Disney Pixar creation, Ratatouille sticks out in Pixar’s eight other productions. The movie is focused around a rat, Remy, who has a deep love for all things gourmet. Remy channels his gourmet abilities through a down on his luck chef and creates culinary masterpieces alongside the chef falling in love. Ratatouille provides lush animated pictures of Paris and vibrant colors that make it hard to look away from. 4. Into The Wild Based on the real story of Christopher McCandless, an idealistic loner who trekked into the Alaskan wilderness and died there. Directed, produced and with a screenplay by Sean Penn, this movie brilliantly shows the young man’s journey to Alaska after giving up all his money. Emile Hirsch gives a breathtaking performance as McCandless and keeps too much dreariness from coming over this drama. 5. Superbad Like many teen party flicks before its time, Superbad seems to have a sort of timelessness around its plot. The movie chronicles one day of three high school buddies lives, centralizing around going to a big Friday night party. Although filled with plenty of crude humor, Superbad is able to pull it off without making too big of a deal off of each gag. Superbad proves to be a well put together, innocent romp through the social lives of a few young high schoolers.