Light at the end of the tunnel : An end to the writers strike?

America has survived almost four months without new episodes of their favorite shows, But how? The people, once dependant on television, have spent their time doing more useful and productive activities than sitting on their couch. “I have been forced to watch the history channel” sophomore A.J. Giebelstein said, “without Scrubs I have nothing to do.” NBCs popular show Scrubs was stopped midseason with 6 episodes left in the series. Creator Bill Lawrence is debating on whether or not to air the series finale. The Writers Guild of America strike is made up of two labor unions, The Writers Guild of America East and the Writers Guild of America West. The unions help produce film, television and radio. The strike is targeted at the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers(AMPTP). (The guild negotiates a new contract with the AMPTP every 3 years. The contract is called the Minimum Basic Agreement.) At this particular meeting there was a deadlock between the two sides and the guild called for a strike. “I’m so mad when I have to watch reruns of Greys Anatomy every week,” sophomore Mandy Miller said. Angry teenagers are not the only effect of the strike. The industry has lost an estimated $1 billion. The number is still growing from wages employees of television and film productions being lost. For some people, the strike does not hurt them in any way. “I hope the writers stay on strike; all the shows on T.V. suck,” senior Logan Rupp said. Rupp will not miss shows such as House and How I Met your Mother. The strike has affected many people in many different ways. Some are angry and some are overjoyed by the lack of shows they find bad. Either way talks between the guild and the AMPTP have begun. After several meetings planned then canceled there was finally a successful meeting in which both sides reached with an agreement to the most costly writers strike in American history.