Randy Moss still keeping it real

Randy Moss is the man. Period. Whether it be the “Randy Ratio”, the mooning in Green Bay, or this year’s record-setting season with New England, Moss has never been one to disappoint. Moss’ exciting antics go beyond the field, too (and no, I am not referring to his legal troubles). This off-season, Moss may have topped all of his previous exploits during his brief stay on the free agent market. Moss began by spurning the Patriots, who had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history last year. Instead of re-signing right away, Moss toyed with the idea of reuniting with Daunte Culpepper, his old quarterback in Minnesota, who has fallen off the map since that time. At this point, it was clear that Moss was just messing with the entire league. He took the joke one step further by tricking Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre into thinking Moss might actually want to play with him. How did Moss respond? By signing with the Patriots, of course. Favre retired the next day. Props to Randy Moss for keeping it real.