Asian haira naturally sexy accessory

Confucius once said, “A man with good looking hair is better than a man with bad looking hair.” Confucius, as usual, was right; people with beautiful hair have always won the respect of mankind. Ash Ketchum, Jackie Chan, and Goku of Dragon Ball Z fame all had luscious, flowing hair, and they were all loved by society. But only one specific race of people is known for their sexy, enticing hair that people dream of night and day: Asians. From the beginning of time people have had hair, and with hair comes hairstyles. Some of the earliest Asian hairstyles were the fu man shu (that awesome moustache) and the cue (ultra long ponytail). Through the ages it has gradually approached the current Asian hairstyles of today, which are commonly depicted in Anime cartoons. Modern Asian teenagers have begun to style their hairs many different ways. With the use of hair products such as wax they can achieve a new feel and escalate the appeal to another level. Also, with the use of dyes, Asians don’t just have to be restrained by their natural black hair, but can flaunt any color. Of course, the standard black is still tremendously, even breathtakingly great. By having good looking sexy hair on their heads, many Asians feel as though can do anything (and most Asians can). It not only makes you appear nice but it greatly increases your confidence in yourself. Confidence in personal appearance will lead you down a road of success. This extra boost of self confidence gives way to even more extreme hairstyles, causing a lovely yet vicious cycle of beauty. At Ames High School there is one person who everybody knows embodies the essence of sexy Asianess. This person is Alex Kunvatanagarn, whom most of the students have seen walking (gliding?) in the hallways. With his long, flowing black hair he can easily make girls go wild for him. “Alex makes me all warm inside and I just can’t stop looking at him,” junior Bosung Kim said. Another person who unconventionally fulfils the definition of a sexy Asian is sophomore Jeffery Yang. Recently during spring break he has shaved his head to resemble a stereotypical monk. “Why have hair when you look good without hair?” Yang asked. No suitable answer has yet been given. It is easy to see why Asians have sexy hair, but more difficult to define why people find it so attractive. Perhaps something in their smooth, silky, jet black hair is just unbelievably beautiful. Clearly, with sexy hair you can achieve anything.