Cheney oversteps authority

On Tuesday, April 29, a lawyer for Vice President Dick Cheney claimed that Congress lacks any oversight authority to examine his behavior as Vice President. The lack of surprise that most people will find in reading this (or, even more troubling, the lack of people that will even know about this) is truly reflective of why I am so disgruntled with the Bush Administration. I don’t need to recite every other breach of constitutional or international law that they have violated; the list would extend beyond this page, perhaps even beyond this newspaper. But this lack of basic respect for American civics is offensive to even the most zealous leftists. In addition to being contrary to Article I Section II of the Constitution, Cheney’s actions insult the concept of Separation of Powers—a quality of our government so valuable and engrained that many elementary school students could recite it as dogma. Our Vice President’s contention is comparable to claiming that the Vice President’s office is both legislative and executive, and therefore immune to laws of classified documentation. Which, come to think of it, he tried last July. Mr. Cheney, humble yourself. Read the Constitution. And please, stop insulting the wishes of the founding fathers, and the intelligence of the American people.